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good boys die young

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my new name is fucked up asshole

american football mineral capn jazz algernon cadwallader snowing merchant ships midwest pen pals reunion tour

"Are they playing anymore than two shows?"
- Anonymous

doubt it but hopefully

pretty sure im buying a ticket to see american football in october when they go on sale tomorrow even if I go by myself

yo I always take candy from strangers it’s not sketchy theyre just being nice like those random old people who just pull candy outta their pocket like ay ya want some candy im like fuck ya I want some CANDY and it always hits the spot those ppl are the fuckin shit and it makes ur day and it probably makes their day to make ur day cuz theyre just an old man and they barely ever even try to poison you and even if you die who cares!

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Surf Curse - Ponyboy

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Honeywell - Nameless Victim

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