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just in this dank dungeon being as jommeez as ever

just in this dank dungeon being as jommeez as ever

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GAINAX NET「SF百景」『永久の歯』 ひらのりょう (via GAINAX NET)


i did more kitty pedals


There is no such thing as a bad dog. Only bad people.

that’s what pokemon taught me

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lol welcome to the nhk is rly good

"HAY yo, i follow your youtube and have loved the emo FOR like ever BUT OKAY so like i fucken love footnotes but cus i constantly suck at keeping my files safe i dont have any of their music anymore. do you know where i can still get their music? i have mallard but no footnotes ive payed for their stuff like so many times but now theyre gone forever. except for those last,fm downloads. but i want summer shit. hope you can halp"
- chologlitter

I will help you soon my son

"I got tagged in a question thing and now *boop* your tagged."
- cats-or-nah

hoods up kid, tag yer it

rip snowing

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